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    Dr J Paul Rand is a research working with member of RSolutions Research. He has been interviewed by Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, Forbes, Welp, HR Magazine, and is featured in 35 cities as an SME in leadership writing for the Business Journal Leadership Trust. 

    He is a Regional White House Fellow and was awarded for his work helping tackle PTSD experiences by combat veterans, members of special forces, and military leaders. 

    Outside of being a nationally respected performance psychologist he is a father of one bonus daughter, a son, and two daughters. 

    He even delivered his youngest!

    The Book


    The Dad-Job will be released in 2020... a private presentation and release occurred with Dr J Paul Rand, MBA, CPCN and his 13 year old daughter LIVE on 5th AVE FORBES in June of this year!

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    Huffington Post Interview with Dr J Paul Rand:

    Busy Executive and Childraising

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    Our Mission


    Did you know that:

    • For every 1 single mom living in poverty there are 3 single dads living in poverty?
    • Less than 10% of social programs allow single dads to participate
    • For two decades in a row there have been over a 4-fold increase (decade over decade) in the number of stay-at-home dads?

    Diversity and inclusion mean involving dads, but children can not WAIT for the government and society to provide resources...

    join the movement....

    by dads... with dads... for kids and community!